New Orleans

Manolito is named in honor of Manuel Carbajo Aguiar, a 20 year veteran of Floridita in Havana, Cuba, and the propreitor of Chicken Little.  In NOLA we make Cuban drinks and work in the traditional Cantinero style to honor the memory Sr. Carbajo and the many other Cantineros of Cuba past and present

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A new French Quarter bar and cafe celebrates Cuba: Opening alert for Manolito

Todd Price announces the opening of Manolito:

"Manolito, a new French Quarter bar and cafe, is a tribute to Havana's El Floridita, the bar where Ernest Hemingway often sat and nursed stiff drinks. Manolito is also a tribute to a person: Manuel Carbajo Aguiar, who worked behind the bar at El Floridita for 20 years."

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